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We honor the profound bravery, unwavering courage, and deep compassion of first responders who have made the ultimate sacrifice by losing their lives in the line of duty. These heroes have selflessly put the safety and well-being of others above their own, exemplifying the highest standards of service and dedication. In recognition of their noble sacrifice, we are committed to providing financial assistance to the families they leave behind, ensuring that their legacy of heroism is remembered and cherished. Through our support, we aim to offer some measure of comfort and stability to those enduring unimaginable loss, in honor of these fallen heroes' valor and selflessness. 



An exceptional person gives of themselves selflessly and without hesitation. A hero puts  their own life on the line, everyday, for total strangers . In honor of the daily sacrifices of Broward’s heroes, those first responders who protect and serve our communities, the Advisory Council presents its highest honor, the Medal of Valor Award, to these brave men and women in recognition of extraordinary acts of bravery.


Sergeant Mike Brady, Sergeant Marc Corsello, Deputy Sean Bonilla, Deputy Yasel Gutierrez, Deputy Timothy Roberts, Deputy Jake Rodriguez, and Deputy Viktor Coralic (Broward Sheriff’s Office SWAT/ TITAN unit) rescued a young boy from his suicidal father armed with a handgun, saving the life of the father as well.

Officer Jonathan Brooks and Officer Griffin Jossfolk (Sunrise Police Department) jumped into a canal to save a driver who had suffered a medical episode and driven off the road into the water.

Detective Jean Saint Amour (Coconut Creek Police Department) was one of the first on the scene of a severe motor vehicle crash, applying a tourniquet to the leg of a woman who had been injured in the crash and helping to save her life.

Officer Dondrell Luberice, Officer Ty Morgan, and Officer Patrick Schlachter (Coconut Creek Police Department) answered a 911 call at an apartment complex after a man saw his neighbor hanging from his balcony after a suicide attempt and rescued him.

Officer Shaun Fowler and Officer Michael Delucia (Hollywood Police Department) gave emergency medical treatment to people with gunshot injuries during a shooting on a crowded boardwalk and collected video evidence to try and locate the suspect. 

Officer Christopher Sanchez and Officer Nicholas Tighe (Pembroke Pines Police Department) put themselves in harm’s way to protect the ex-wife and son of a man who seemingly intended to kill them both.

Deputy Sheriff James Powell and retired Deputy Sheriff Richard Klima (Broward Sheriff’s Office Airport District) physically removed glass shards from the hands of a woman who was cutting her own throat and risks, cutting the deputies in the process. They were able to save her life. 

Deputy Sheriff Patrick Keegan (Broward Sheriff’s Office Weston District) leapt into a deep, vegetation-heavy and dark canal in an attempt to save a man who had fallen under the surface, only giving up when Fire Rescue suggested the victim was likely deceased and Deputy Keegan was only putting himself in greater danger by continuing. 

Sergeant Louis Mastandrea Jr (Hillsboro Beach Police Department) intervened when an elderly woman attempted to jump from the roof of her ten-story building, ultimately pulling her from the roof’s edge and lifting her to safety.

Sergeant Gilberto Monzon, Officer Tyler Reik, and Trooper Daniel Lopez (Coral Springs Police Department and Florida Highway Patrol) rapidly decelerated and derailed a wrong-way driver after multiple emergency attempts to get his attention failed.

Detective Sergeant Andrew Gianino (Lighthouse Point Police Department) engaged in lifesaving efforts to evacuate the occupants of a residence that had been severely damaged by the catastrophic crash of Broward Sheriff’s Office Air Rescue 85.

Deputy Mitchell Machado (Broward Sheriff’s Office Pompano Beach District) was blown back by an explosion on the day of the Air Rescue 85 crash, but miraculously suffered no injuries and continued evacuating everyone in close proximity that he could.

Captain Jean-Paul Rebour, Driver-Engineer Christiano Hottz, and Firefighter/Paramedic Roberto Di Piazza from Engine 27. Lieutenant Giovanny Medina, and Firefighter Paramedic Dayana Espinal from Rescue 227 (Broward Sheriff’s Office Department of Fire Rescue) forced entry into an apartment building on fire and rescued an elderly woman who had been trapped, leading her to make a full recovery. 

Officer Juan Giraldo (Fort Lauderdale Police Department) swam towards a man struggling to stay afloat in the treacherous rip currents, calming him and bringing him securely to dry land.

Officer Ryan Carr and Officer Mariano Restaino (Seminole Police Department) chased a carjacking suspect on foot and apprehended him, recovering a firearm and stolen vehicles.

The entire Miramar Police Department K9 Unit which includes K9 Sergeant Mark D’Angelo, K9 Officer Heidy Arias, K9 Officer Michael Delosrios, K9 Officer Brandon Dejesus, K9 Officer Edel Esponda, and K9 Officer Xavier Osorio (Miramar Police Department K9 Unit) located and detained multiple shooters, assisted in area searches of violent suspects, and detained armed individuals who had driven through a resident’s backyard in a stolen vehicle.

Terryson Jackson (Broward Sheriff’s Office Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Services) was lost in the tragic helicopter failure of the Air rescue 85 team, where he was a flight medic. Before the crash, he told his firefighter that everything was going to be okay. His strength and courage made an everlasting impact, and he is deeply missed.

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